Saturday, December 3, 2022 after 8:00 am、Check the traffic conditions on the Hanshin Expressway and surrounding highways! 49th in 2022、How is the first Saturday of December?

Thank you for visiting。

It's already December、munejyuka。

Is it December yet?

no matter how many months、It's getting cold, isn't it?

On the last Saturday morning of December in such early winter、Was there a traffic jam on the highway in the Kinki region?

Did many people go out?

I was curious, so I checked it out!

December 3, 2022 (Saturday)、Highway conditions in the Kinki region after 8 am

Confirmation result、There was a traffic jam in the following section。

・ Chugoku Expressway down (westbound) 4km from near Takarazuka IC

・ Kinki Expressway (northbound) 6 km from near Kadoma IC

・Keiji Bypass Inbound (Eastbound) 4km from Uji TN

・Hanshin Expressway Wangan Line Outbound 10km from Tempozan area

・Hanshin Expressway Higashi-Osaka Line West bound 4km from Higashisenba JCT

・Hanshin Expressway Kobe Line westbound 4km from Fukae area

No long traffic jams、I have the impression that traffic jams are occurring here and there.。

I thought traffic jams on the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Route were rare, so I looked it up.、It seems that one lane is restricted due to construction。

It is believed that this construction may have affected。

Even though 10km is long...

everyone、Where are you headed?

I'm curious~

Other expressway information

I will also check expressway information other than traffic congestion。

·accident:1 piece

・Broken car:1 piece

・There are no speed restrictions due to crosswinds on the Kansai International Airport Bridge

There was little information on accidents and broken cars on this day.。

It was good because there was a lot of information about broken cars here。

The crosswind of the Kansai Airport connecting bridge、It seems that this period was weak。

However、everyone、Please be careful if you plan to pass。

I use it normally when talking in conversation

・December 3, 2022 (Saturday)、Check the highway conditions in the Kinki region after 8 am

・Congestion occurs in each section

・Accident information、Only 1 case of broken vehicle information

・There are no speed restrictions due to crosswinds on the Kansai International Airport Bridge

今回は、First Saturday morning in December 2022、・ There is no speed limit due to crosswinds on the Sky Gate Bridge.。

Is it after the government's travel support measures were implemented in October?、Congestion started to occur on Saturday morning。

I'm a little surprised、no traffic on sunday morningabout it。

Considering age、I think that traffic jams are occurring on Saturdays due to a combination of people going out and people working.。

otherwise、Isn't there a lot of traffic jams here and there?

Would you like to...

Those who work on Saturdays、you have worked very hard!

I use it normally when talking in conversation、Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Please read to the end、thank you very much!

* If you have a portable toilet, you can rest assured even if you suddenly get caught in a traffic jam! I would love to have some in my car! !

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