Sunday, December 18, 2022 after 8:00 am、Check the traffic conditions on the Hanshin Expressway and surrounding highways! 51st in 2022、How is the third Sunday in December?

Thank you for visiting。 I really don't like the cold、munejyuka。 風が強いと寒さが増しますよね… いよいよ2022年も終わりが見えてきたといっていいでしょうか。 2 weeks left。 Such a mid-December morning、・ There is no speed limit due to crosswinds on the Sky Gate Bridge.。 on your way out、Was there a traffic jam?。 I was curious so I checked。 December 18, 2022 (Sun)、After 8:00 a.m., the result of checking the state of the expressway in the Kinki region、 there was no traffic。 Is this as expected。 There is little traffic in Honma on Sunday mornings.。 There may be traffic jams in a little while、There is almost no traffic at this time。 however、Traffic is often congested in the evening。 Dispersed going、帰り(戻り)は集中 が日曜日の通例となっています。 later、土曜日はお仕事の方が多いのかなという印象です。 saturday morning、There is a feeling that traffic jams are occurring due to the concentration of cars between people going out and people working.。 Because、土曜日と日曜日では走っているトラックの数が明らかに違いますので。 Anyway、It is good that there is no traffic jam。 Other expressway information Check other expressway information other than congestion。 ・Accident information:1 item ・Broken car information:0件 ・阪和道 上下線 和歌山北IC~岸和田和泉IC 雪で50キロ規制 ・関空連絡橋は横風により60キロの速度制限 阪和道で雪による速度規制が出されていました。 this is pretty rare。 Snow restrictions in this area occur only once a year.、Twice or not。 that's all、I think it can be said that the cold was strong on this day。 The Kansai Airport connecting bridge was also subject to speed restrictions due to crosswinds。 Although it is cold、I think the wind was also strong.。 Looking at the weather information of Kansai Airport、7時時点での風速は13.7m/Sでした。 It can be said that there was a fairly strong wind blowing.。 まとめるとぉ~ ・2022年12月18日(日)朝8時過ぎの近畿地方の高速道路状況を確認 ・渋滞は無し ・阪和道の和歌山北IC~岸和田和泉IC間で雪による50キロの速度規制 ・関空連絡橋が横風により60キロの速度制限 今回は、December 18, 2022 (Sun)、・ Check the highway conditions in the Kinki region after 8 am on Saturday, April 9, 2022。 no matter what this day、Snow regulations on Hanwa Expressway。 i think it's really rare。 It's not that uncommon for it to snow.、It is unusual for snow to fall to the extent that expressways are regulated.。 It is said that global warming、It means that there will be days like this。 Real winter is coming。 Ladies and gentlemen、Please be careful about physical condition management。 皆さまにとってステキな日曜日となりますように! 最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございました! ※携帯トイレを車に幾つか載せておくと心理的にいいと思います!年末年始に車で移動される方はどうぞ!!防災グッズとしても役に立ちますよ! リンク

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