[MLB] Expectations are good! The 2021 Major League Baseball World Series will start on October 26th!


It's about to start、The 2021 season Major League Baseball World Series。

The Houston Astros, who won the American League, and the Atlanta Braves, who won the National League, played against each other.。

Recent strong team vs. old-timer revival

The Houston Astros, who won the American League, have been in recent years、Very good results。

This is the fourth time since 2019 that we have entered the World Series.。

I won the World Series in 2017、There is still a question mark that year for signature theft。

Even so, it ’s going to win like this.、I wonder if he really has the ability。

It ’s quite difficult just to advance to the playoffs、I'm going to participate in this stage for the first time in two years.。

on the other hand、Atlanta Braves is an old man。

Since 1999、It will be the first time in 22 years。

Around this time, I put out my proud pitcher power to the front、It was demonstrating the strength of the rock。

It will be the World Series participation since then。

No one would have expected the Braves to appear in the World Series when the season began.。

In the early stages, there were a lot of injured people、The ranking was also sluggish、Players who transferred in the middle of the season played a big role、I piled up the winning stars。

Still, the number of wins、The fewest teams in the playoffs。

Such a team has won the World Series with or without it.。

It is amazing。

I feel the momentum as a team。

2021 MLB Major League Baseball、World Series Forecast

Well then, the customary、I want to make a prediction。

2021 Major League Baseball World Series forecast、Zubari、

The Atlanta Braves will win with 4 wins and 2 losses!

I don't expect the Braves momentum to stop this season。

With a miracle-like regular season、I felt that the way of fighting after entering the playoffs could not be dealt with anymore。

Is it a matchless state?。


The 2021 MLB Major League Baseball World Series is Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves

・ Astros for the first time in 2 years vs. Braves for the first time in 22 years

・ My expectation is that the Braves will win with 4 wins and 2 losses!

Finally, the MLB Major League Baseball is also the final battle。

Expecting a good game、I want to enjoy it!

Please read to the end、thank you very much!

* I don't have any special feelings for the Braves.、I think I'll win this year! The hat is also cool!

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