In 2022, PayPay can be used to pay the sellers at Koshien Stadium!

Thank you for visiting。

I like Koshien Stadium、munejyuka。

I go to Koshien Stadium at least once a year。

However、This time it was the first time in 3 years to watch the Koshien Stadium due to the influence of the coronavirus.。

I don't like alcohol so much、I feel that the beer I drink at Koshien Stadium is delicious。

It was one of the pleasures to be able to drink beer this time as well.。

Even though it's been a long time, Koshien Stadium、I'm going to see high school baseball in March。

However、Alcohol wasn't on sale at that time ...

Payment method to the seller of Koshien Stadium

I visited this time on Saturday, June 25, 2022.、Hanshin Tigers vs. Chunichi Dragons。

I bought it from the seller as soon as I sat down!

It's beer。

Asahi、Super Dura ~ i! !!

This is it、this!


Payment was paid by paypay。

Scan payment。


Really convenient。

No need to hand over money、You can pay quickly。

Isn't it easier for sellers to pay pay?

The price is 700 yen!

The price is、It was the same as it was three years ago。

700 yen

(As of June 25, 2022)


It's expensive!

I also feel insanely expensive!

but、It's fine!

The beer you drink at Koshien Stadium is delicious!

About once a year、You can drink a glass of beer for 700 yen! !!

I use it normally when talking in conversation

・June 25, 2022 (Sat)、Watching baseball games at Koshien Stadium

・ PayPay can be used to pay the seller (scan payment)

・ 700 yen per cup is the same price as 3 years ago

I went to Koshien Stadium for the first time in 3 years to watch a baseball game。

PayPay could be used to pay the seller。

No more money delivery、I found it really convenient。

Only one、The difficulty is、

Let's drink insanely!

Does that mean。

I don't feel like I'm losing money、I will order beer one after another。

If you are interested、I think I should charge PayPay before paying。

If you set it to postpay、I really drink too much!

but、Well, I can't drink 10 glasses、normally。
It ’s not something I care about.。

Also、While praying that I can safely visit Koshien Stadium next year、I want to look forward to it!

Please read to the end、thank you very much!

▼ Delicious beer is here! I don't remember how many cups I drank ...

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