Get "Ginger-scented pork ginger grilled" at FamilyMart!

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I don't hate meat、munejyuka。

Sometimes you want to eat meat!

but、Cleaning up is troublesome ...

I'm thinking about this time today。

At that time、I found it at FamilyMart!

"Ginger-scented pork ginger"


FamilyMart's "Ginger-scented pork ginger"

I bought this time、This is。

It is ginger-grilled pork with ginger scent.。

It was in the frozen food department。

It ’s really anything.。

Development power、The product power is amazing。

I'll make anything! It's like that。

How many calories?

I don't really care about these foods、I will check the calories for the time being。

The calories per pack of ginger-scented pork ginger、

305 kcal


I don't know if it's high or low, but ...

The amount is 120 grams。

How much does it cost?

Do you care more about price than calories?

The price per pack is、Including tax

320 yen

(Price is as of May 12, 2022)

Contains 120 grams、If you think that you can eat delicious pork ginger just by cooking in the microwave、Isn't it "yes"?。

There is no cleaning up。

I use it normally when talking in conversation

・ At FamilyMart、Buy ginger-scented pork ginger

・ Calories are 305 kcal

・ Price is 320 yen including tax

this time、ファミリーマートさんで”生姜香る豚の生姜焼き”を買いました

I have an impression that I ate it、I felt it was very large。

I felt it was quite a volume。

One cup of rice、I felt it was enough。

The taste is、of course、


The scent of ginger was also appetizing、Seasoning was also my favorite。







Please read to the end、thank you very much!


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