no doubt! !! Get "Sumire" cup noodles at a convenience store Seven-Eleven!

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I like ramen、munejyuka。

This time at a convenience store, Seven-Eleven、I found a cup noodle that looks delicious so I bought it。

This is Sapporo Miso "Sumire"!

Sapporo Miso "Sumire"

This time I bought it。
This is Sapporo Miso "Sumire"。

ちょっとだけ調べてみたのですが、"Sumire" seems to be a popular ramen shop in Sapporo。

It seems to be insanely popular。

It will be released at convenience stores、I wonder what it is!

How much does it cost?

Is it the price that you care about with such cup noodles?

I have the impression that cup noodles at convenience stores are more decent than buying at supermarkets.。

I bought this time、The price of cup noodle "Sumire" is、Including tax

300 yen

(Price is as of April 24, 2022)

Oh dear、It may be expensive。

Some of them are sold for around 100 yen.。

Still、札幌の超人気店のラーメンを家で手軽に食べれることを思うと、Isn't it "yes"?

With a feeling of petit luxury as a reward。

How many calories?

I think it's a good idea to worry about calories when eating delicious ramen.、I would like to confirm for the time being。

The calories of this "Sumire"、

564 kcal




I use it normally when talking in conversation







here we go、関西人の皆さんセブンイレブンへGOですよ!!

Please read to the end、thank you very much!




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