September 19, 2012、Sunday morning! Congestion information on expressways in the Kinki region


It's Sunday, September 19, 2021。

I think there are many people who have three consecutive holidays since yesterday.

Today is the second day in the middle。

I checked the condition of the expressway in the Kinki region in the morning。

September 19, 2012、Kinki Expressway after 7am on Sunday morning

September 19, 2012、The situation of the expressway in the Kinki region after 7 am on Sunday morning、


No traffic



Always in traffic、There was no traffic jam on the Hanshin Expressway No. 3 Kobe Line going west.。



Why is there no traffic?

In this autumn holiday season、Why is there no traffic?

The weather is sunny、Even though there is no rain forecast ...



Possible reasons、


A state of emergency is declared in the Kinki region、Osaka、Hyogo、Kyoto、Isn't it because it was announced in Shiga?

together、A state of emergency has also been issued in Mie。


So、I think it's a situation where you can't even go out。


There is no holiday discount on the highway and it continues、Maybe it's affecting。




・ Sunday, September 19, 2021、There is no traffic jam on the Kinki highway after 7 am

・ The weather is sunny、There is no forecast of rain, but few people go out

・ The state of emergency is in Osaka、Hyogo、Kyoto、Maybe it's because it was announced in Shiga


September 23rd of this week is Autumnal Equinox Day, which is a national holiday.。
The temperature is getting comfortable, so、It's perfect for going out、I'm worried about the infection of the new coronavirus。


I pray that it will converge as soon as possible!


Please read to the end、thank you very much!



* It is convenient to have one such car navigation system during traffic jams!

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