May 2021 ・ The price at the convenience store of Nikkan Gendai is 150 yen! The size of the newspaper is small and easy to read!


You guys recently、Are you reading the newspaper?

There is an evening newspaper called "Nikkan Gendai" that I used to read a lot.、this time、I bought it for the first time in a long time and read it。

I think I haven't bought it for over a year。

The price at the convenience store is 150 yen

The price of "Nikkan Gendai"、It was 150 yen at a convenience store。

Most sports newspapers such as Sankei are 130-140 yen.、10 yen higher。


Its small size makes it ideal for reading on the train

Unlike ordinary newspapers and sports newspapers、"Nikkan Gendai" is small in size。

So、Even if you open it up and read it, it's not that big、It's very easy to read, isn't it?。

It's the perfect size to read on the train!



Full horse racing information

"Nikkan Gendai" has various articles published.、Among them, there are many articles related to horse racing.。

Not to mention the ones that will be released on Friday and Saturday、Many articles related to horse racing are posted on weekdays as well.。

For those who like horse racing、I think it can be used for collecting information.。




・ "Nikkan Gendai" is sold at convenience stores for 150 yen.

・ Since the size is smaller than ordinary newspapers, it is perfect for reading by train.

・ A wealth of horse racing information


General newspapers and sports newspapers are also good、I think the evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai" is also an interesting newspaper to read.。

Everyone by all means once、Why don't you read it?


Please read to the end、Thank you! !!


▼ Abundant horse racing information


▼ It is 150 yen per copy

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