What is SFA? Commentary for super beginners! Maybe you're already using it!


The other day、If you were looking at an article on the internet、


Came out。I've never heard of it、I searched a little。
For those who have heard the term SFA for the first time、I hope you will know the meaning of the terms。

How to read SFA

First of all、How to read。How to read SFA、


is。DX(デジタルトランスフォーメーション)とは違って、As it is。

What does SFA stand for?

If you write SFA without abbreviation、

Sales Force Automation

is。Take this acronym、It is called SFA。

What is SFA?

Then、What is SFA?、

Sales support tool


How to use、It seems that you can do various things depending on the type、Use this tool as an image、Is that you can:。

Customer management

Daily business report

Take a sales activity history

Sales activity analysis

What happens when SFA is introduced?

actually、What will happen if this SFA is introduced?。

To give a simple example、After introducing this SFA, sales staff will write a daily business report.。

Then the sales activity history will remain。
When、It's convenient to know where you went。

by the way、I haven't been to a company recently


Two years ago, I visited Mr. △△ of 〇〇 company and had a meeting about XX.

Because you can see that。

Also、The boss and people in other departments check the history、You can analyze your sales activities。
It will be possible to give advice to this customer that such a proposal can be made.。

together、If you describe the order forecast etc. in the daily business report、Because you can check the sales forecast etc.、It may be possible to reduce the burden of calculating separately one by one.。

Many companies have already introduced SFA in Japan!

This SFA is said to have entered Japan from the United States around 1995.。
15 years ago。

So、It seems that many Japanese companies have already introduced it.。

Even if you don't know the word SFA、now、The tool actually used in the company may be the SFA system.。

For a company that has been operated only by the "feeling" and "experience value" of each sales position until now、Keep history using SFA tools、I think it's good to build up activities。

It might be a good idea to make 2021 a great year with SFA tools!

each other、let's do our best! !!


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