I bought milk at a convenience store, Seven-Eleven! Daily table milk!


I dared to buy milk at a convenience store。Dare。

This time I bought milk at a convenience store, Seven-Eleven.。

Is milk at convenience stores expensive? Isn't that the case? ??

Buy Seven-Eleven's daily table milk

I bought this time、Seven-Eleven's "daily table milk"。

The package is cute。

The impression I drank、

Delicious milk!

is。I'm not happy to jump up、It's usually delicious milk!

Ingredient display etc. are also described in detail。
Manufactured by Megmilk Snow Brand。

The price is 208 yen including tax

It ’s an interesting price,、Including tax、

208 yen


Excluding supermarket bargains、Isn't this price normal?

Rather、May be a little cheap。

Milk is usually sold for 220-250 yen, so、Isn't it possible to say that the 208 yen this time is a normal amount?


・ I bought milk at a convenience store, Seven-Eleven, for 208 yen including tax.

・ Except for supermarket special sales、Normal price

・ The taste is usually delicious

This time I bought milk at a convenience store, Seven-Eleven.。

I think many people have the image that convenience stores are expensive.、Regarding this milk、It wasn't particularly expensive。

At the supermarket、Milk over 208 yen is also sold normally、This time 208 yen is、Isn't it the average price?。

Buying milk at a convenience store、

There is a closeness! !!

Please read to the end、thank you very much!

* It is good that it can be stored at room temperature and has a long expiration date!

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