The 2021 Osaka Kishiwada Danjiri Festival will be held! However, no audience is planned!


Under the influence of the new coronavirus、Danjiri Festival in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture, which was canceled last year。


I was wondering if it would be held this year、It seems that it has been officially decided to be held。



I will tow it、No audience? Held at

The 2021 Kishiwada Danjiri Festival was scheduled for September 18th and 19th.。

Under the influence of the new coronavirus、Although the holding was in jeopardy、There was an announcement from the management side that it will be officially held this year。

Because it was canceled last year、I can feel the desire to hold this year。

Because they are people who will do it even if a typhoon hits.。


Still、It seems that this year it will be held without spectators。

What does it mean to be a danjiri and unattended person who travels on ordinary roads?


I can think of、I have to make a seat to see、It seems that it does not open stalls etc.。


Still、I think there are people who normally visit the site.。

Will the number of people gather if there are no stores? Or as usual、Will people gather to see it?

I'm curious。



What about other surrounding areas?

Kishiwada Danjiri is famous、The same Danjiri Festival is held in the surrounding area。

Izumisano、Takaishi、There is a danjiri towing every year in Kaizuka City, etc.。

Last year it was canceled in various places。


As of July 5, 2021、There is no announcement from each municipality whether it will be held this year。

I am wondering how the announcement of Kishiwada City will affect the surrounding area.。


"If the Tokyo Olympics are held"


"If Kishiwada City does it, I'll do it too!"

Will it be。


Or will it be decided to cancel this year as well?。I want to pay attention。




・ The 2021 Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is being held.

・ However、Scheduled to be held without spectators

・ There is no announcement as to whether other surrounding areas will be held yet.


Under the influence of the new coronavirus、Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, which was abandoned last year。

It was announced that this year's event will be held without spectators.。


Because it is an event where people gather by all means、I think those who are interested will be interested。


Since the event has been decided、Held safely、I just hope it ends safely!



Please read to the end、Thank you! !!



* If there are no stalls such as yakisoba, you have to make it at home!

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