I went to Kitano Tenmangu for the first visit to 2021!


I'm not obsessed with the first visit、This time I went to Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto Prefecture。

Because this is the situation、I think it's good to have a time when there are few people、I went early in the morning of January 2nd。

The parking lot is not large but there is

Access to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine、There is a small parking lot on the east side of Kitano Tenmangu。

It was free。

You will get an admission form at the entrance of the parking lot。He told me to put it in a visible place on the windshield of the car.。

Even though it's small, it's not 10 or 20.、Since people are concentrated in the first visit, there is not enough space to cover that many people.。

This time I arrived before 9am、Before entering the parking lot, I was driving sloppy。

I left the parking lot after 9:30、At that time, the line of cars extended considerably to the general road.。

Since Kitano Hakubaicho Station of Randen is nearby、I personally recommend going by train。

Omikuji is 200 yen

Speaking of the first visit、Omikuji。

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine's Omikuji、Put out a stick with a rattle before paying、If you go to a place like reception and tell the number written on the stick、It was a system to get paper fortune。

Every year、I wonder if it is a system like this because tremendous people will come。

I was Daikichi!

Feelings of tightening

early morning、Sometimes the temperature was low,、When you come to this kind of place, you will feel tight.。

It's good to come to this kind of place about once a year!

There were few people who definitely came to worship this year。
I came to Kitano Tenmangu on New Year's Day four years ago.、There were so many people that I couldn't walk forward normally!

There were no stalls this year。

I hope we can hold it next year as usual! !!

* How about a book like this for those who want to visit the shrines in Kyoto?

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