[MLB] Tsutsugo signed a minor contract with the Blue Jays!

Thank you for visiting。 major league is interested、munejyuka。 It's just because I think it's amazing to watch。 The other day、Tsutsugo was released by the Pittsburgh Pirates.、this time、Rumor has it that the Toronto Blue Jays have signed a minor league deal.。 Since Akiyama has returned to Japan,、筒香選手はどうなるのかなと思っていましたが… ブルージェイズ傘下の3Aバッファロー・バイソンズに合流! 今回、Tsutsugo signs minor league deal with Toronto Blue Jays。 for a while、3A under the Blue Jays、will play for the Buffalo Bisons。 if you work there、The Blue Jays "might" call。 かも です。 Because、The Blue Jays are doing well again this season.。 We have a lot of good players。 So、Tsutsugo left a pretty good result in 3A、 And、 Will Blue Jays players hit a big slump?、I can't play for the Blue Jays unless I have a player who gets injured and leaves the front line.。 なかなか厳しいんです! それでも、The Blue Jays currently have、It is said that there are few left-handed power hitters。 There is a possibility that Tsutsugo can become a valuable force。 Same situation last year、I got a deal with the Pirates。 I managed to leave a result with the Buffalo Bisons of 3A、ブルージェイズから声がかかるといいなと思います! 天命を待つではないですが!! まとめるとぉ~ ・筒香選手が2022年8月16日にトロント・ブルージェイズとマイナー契約 ・しばらくは傘下の3Aバッファロー・バイソンズでプレー ・3Aで結果を出せばメジャー昇格の可能性あり 今回は、I confirmed the recent situation of Tsutsugo player。 This season、The Pirates played the opening starting lineup、then get hurt、I couldn't get the results I wanted。 but this time、Minor contract with the Blue Jays、was able to contract。 because it is possible、I think the Blue Jays also acquired Tsutsugo.。 The Blue Jays have a lot of good players.、Somehow got promoted to the Blue Jays、バンバン打って欲しいなと思うところでございます! 大谷選手もいいですが筒香選手もね!! 頑張れ筒香選手!! 最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございました! ※ブルージェイズの帽子を買って応援したいと思います! リンク

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