Where do you buy an umbrella?

I don't hate rainy days、munejyuka。

It is sudden、Where do you buy your umbrella? I often leave it on the train、I'm buying at a 100 yen shop。You may lose it anytime!

Because this is me、I was wondering where everyone is buying an umbrella so I searched a little。

・100 yen shop

Daiso、Although the size is small at 100 yen shops such as Celia,、Vinyl umbrellas are sold at low prices。If it is a little larger, it sells for 300 yen、We also sell folding umbrellas。

·convenience store

Lawson、Seven-Eleven、Family mart also sells。Is it a price range of about 500 to 800 yen?。There are various sizes from 60 cm to 70 cm。

For a vinyl umbrella、Some are transparent and some are not.。Personally, I prefer transparent ones。I sometimes use an umbrella in front of me、It's very convenient because you can see the front when it is transparent!

·Home center、Drug store

Also sold at home improvement stores and drug stores。Variously sold at each store。
Is the product lineup the same as at a convenience store?。


Check this time、If you tell me that、I thought it was selling properly、




Nitori also sells ordinary umbrellas that are not vinyl umbrellas.、It looks like they also sell folding umbrellas。

MUJI is the same。Is Muji's simple design reflected on the umbrella?。I'm curious, so next time、I want to go see。

※Extra edition

I thought that I might be selling at a department store and I was looking up at Hankyu Department Store、Luxury umbrella! What the price、

51,700 yen!

It is wonderful!

It seems that all the processes are handmade.

Keep in mind the shops that sell umbrellas、I thought I could handle it in case of a sudden rain。

I hope it will be useful for everyone.。

If you find a good umbrella、Rainy days are good too! I will!

I hope you all find the perfect umbrella for you!

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