Which bag is good for commuting? Is there a backpack? Or...

I take a train to work、Looking around, most people carry a bag。

I think that the percentage of people who have a backpack is increasing recently.。Especially young people seem to have a strong tendency.。

Of course I also carry a bag for commuting,、I'm wondering if it's new。

I wanted to find something good, so I searched for a bit on the net.。

・The trend is backpacks rather than handbags
・There are many types that you can hold in your hand and use as a backpack.
・Better yet, stop holding your bag

Nowadays it becomes heavier when you insert a computer or tablet.。Because of that、It seems that many people use a backpack。

Even if you search on the net, there are many backpacks。I didn’t think the backpack had penetrated so far.。

If you take time to search、There are some types that can be held by hand and can be used as a backpack.。Good product!

While I was looking around there、I thought。

"Better than that、What if I don't have a bag? ? "

And。Cool bag、While watching many backpacks、Wondering what to do、My head got a little tired。
At that time、I thought it would be ant to get rid of the bag。

I have less chance to use my wallet, so give it a try! I am about to decide。

The only concern is、Is that you can't carry a book。Only here...

I want to worry a little more。

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