[NFL] The number of NFL regular season games has increased by one to 17 games! The number of games increased for the first time in 43 years!


History will change again。

It has been decided that the number of NFL regular season games will increase by one from this season.。

I personally think it's pretty amazing。

It was just decided on March 30th, American time.、入ってきた情報をまとめてみたいと思います!



When I look it up、It is said that the last game of the regular season, which was 14 games in 1978, was changed to the current 16 games.。

So、It can be said that this is the first major reform in 43 years.。

For those who are not interested in American football, only one more game will be added! It may be、

Only one match、But one match。

American football is a contact sport、Injuries are also likely to occur。

The physical burden is greater than any sport。

So、Only one more match、It seems that the burden on the players is quite heavy。

Thinking so、This increase in the number of games is a historic change。

Because、It's been 43 years since then! !!

When the number of games becomes odd、What about the number of games played at home?

Until last season, there were 16 regular scenes。

8 games played locally、The remaining 8 games were away games。



Looking at the decisions about this、The AFC team will play nine games at home this season.。

Next season, the NFC team will play nine games at home.。

I know that this will happen if you play an odd number of games.、I can only say that this result can't be helped.。

Fans of the NFC team will have to put up with it until the next season。

What happens to the player's contract?

Because the number of games is simply increased by one、Personal performance will simply not be comparable to the past。

Total acquisition yard、Number of touchdowns、Number of sack、The number of intercepts etc. will surely increase。

Because it will increase by one game。

What I personally care about、What about the salary?

Will players who have a volume system review their contracts?

Add $ 100,000 for 15 sack、Add $ 100,000 if you run over 1500 yards

I think contracts like this are normal、What will happen around here?

Oh dear、Not if you're worried about someone else's salary ...


・ The NFL will have 17 regular season games from the 2021 season.

・ The number of games has changed since 1978.、For the first time in 43 years

・ AFC team will play 9 games at home this year、Next season, NFC teams will play 9 games at home

As an NFL fan、More games are welcome。

I think it's hard for the players!

I can't wait for the season to start! !!

* I would like to support you by wearing this cap! keep it up、Chicago Bears! !!

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