What is "WAF"? Internet related security? I did a little research!


The other day、If you were looking at the article、


Came out。

From the contents before and after、I understand that it's a term related to Internet security.、I didn't know the details。

So this time, I looked up the term "WAF".。

What is "WAF"?

First、What does "WAF" stand for? WAF、

Fierwall Applicatin Fierwall

It is a term made by taking the acronym of。

The contents、

One of the security services against attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in web applications

is what they said。

Online shopping and games that are now commonplace、Customer information such as internet banking、It seems that protection for Web services that exchange data related to credit card information is targeted.。

Where is "WAF" introduced?

If you think twice、When you shop online, you can easily enter information such as credit cards.。

So、I think that security measures are necessary。

Actually、What kind of organization is this WAF introduced to?

·online shopping

・ Membership website

・ Providing services to other companies via the Internet


WAF is not implemented directly in the WEB application、Place it on the front of the WEB application or on the network、It means detecting and proposing attacks that exploit vulnerabilities.。

You've become a little more specialized。


今回は、I investigated the security measure "WAF" against attacks that exploited WEB application vulnerabilities.。

Although security measures by WAF are effective and useful,、If the security level is too strict, the WAF will issue a large number of alerts.、There is a possibility that users who really want to use it will not be able to use it.。

It is unlikely that the demand for "WAF" will decrease in the future.、I think it is necessary to know the contents properly。

Because there are various security measures、I think it's best if you can use it properly according to the situation!

* I found a book like this。I think I should read it slowly to GW。

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