Is qualifying in time? Soccer 2022 Qatar World Cup!

The other day、I heard that the detailed schedule for the 2022 Qatar World Cup was decided.、If you think carefully, you might not be able to qualify for each continent? I thought、I searched a little。

Qualifying has begun only in Asia

When I look it up、In some cases, it was postponed due to the influence of COVID-19、Only Asia has begun。
If that's the case, then there's nothing I can do about it.。

Even so, it seems that the qualifying system for each region other than Oceania has already been decided.。

Let's look at each continent。

・Asia → In the middle of the second qualifying

・South America → from October 2020

・Europe → Match system has been decided

・Africa → Lottery on July 29

・North and Central America Caribbean → Match system has been decided

・Oceania → No information disclosed

To say more、Far from the World Cup、There are still qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics football。
I'm interested in this too。


I want COVID-19 vaccines and drugs to be on the market.。I know it’s difficult,。

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