Buy a nut bar maple pecan nuts & sea salt found at a convenience store!

I found a new style nut bar when I was hanging out at a convenience store today.。The name is maple pecan nuts & sea salt.。Recently、I feel the charm of nuts so I bought it。

・Although it is said to be maple, it is not so sweet
・The country of origin is the United States
・Family Mart ¥246 (tax included)

The size is just right。Is it a feeling that the maple syrup is entangled between the nuts so that the nuts will not fall apart?。

Still there is no sweet feeling。Most of the taste is nuts。

This time I bought at FamilyMart for 246 yen。

I think it's a good amount to eat quickly when you are hungry。

I like snacks and sweets、I think there are nuts in the snack!


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