I checked the number of cars sold! The number of vehicles sold and the number of registered vehicles are not the same! !!


The other day、I was reading an article about car sales。

inside that、The monthly sales volume was posted.、The number of registered cars was also posted in the continuation。

Isn't the number of vehicles sold and the number of registered vehicles the same? Because it became、I looked it up?

What is the number of units sold?

First、It is the number of registrations。

What is the number of registered units?、

Ordinary car、Light car、Unit sales including all

Was that。

If you go with the image、販売された車の総数ということでいいのではないでしょうか

What is a registered car?

next、It is a registered car。

What is a registered car?、

Ordinary car / passenger car、White number

Is that。

So、Light vehicles are included in registered vehiclesAbsentabout it。

It is said that light vehicles are called "reported vehicles".。

Ordinary vehicles are "registered vehicles" because they are required to "register" with the Land Transport Office.、Light vehicles are "notified" because they go through the "notification" procedure with the Land Transport Office.。


・ The number of cars sold、The total number of vehicles sold, including ordinary cars and light cars

・ What is a "registered vehicle"?、Ordinary car

・ Light vehicles are called "reported vehicles"

It was a little refreshing。

It's a little confusing, isn't it?。If you don't know the contents of this time、After checking the number of registered cars、I think some people may mistakenly think that it includes a light car.。

I thought it wouldn't hurt to keep it in my head。

Please read to the end、Thank you! !!

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