One of the psychology of the reason why I can't start right now is revealed!


I know it's better to do it now、There are times when you don't touch it, right?

Organize mail on the table




I know why I should do it, but why not?

I felt that I understood the psychology a little, so I would like to write it down.。


It takes time to get results

I understand that I should do it now、What kind of psychological state is it to leave your hands untouched?。

I think there are various reasons、As one of them、

It takes time to get results

I think there is。

What does that mean、The reason is that even if you start now, it will take some time for the results to be reflected in you.。

I'm trying to do it relatively quickly for something that has immediate effect.、If not, it tends to be postponed。

・ Let's process the delivered mail now、No change next week

・ Weight is 2 without eating this cake、There is no loss of 3 kg

I think it's something like that。



Is there a solution?

Then、Is there a solution to avoid this?

First of all、

Accept that it's normal to end up with this idea

I think。
Why do you repeat the same thing? You shouldn't mourn。

I think it is important to recognize that it is natural for such ideas to come up.。

After accepting this idea、Is there any countermeasure?

The best is still、

Set a deadline


・ Every Sunday at 9:00 is the time to clean up the table

・ Wear a swimsuit Reduce by 5kg by early July

Is to set a deadline like。

Then、Makes it easier to set action goals。

First of all、We recommend that you set a deadline within the range that you cannot do before you act.。
It seems likely that the results will be slightly different than before.。



・ Even if you know that you should do it now、The reason I can't do it is because it takes time for the results to be reflected.

・ Even if you know that you should do it now、You don't have to mourn because it's normal that you can't

・ As one of the solutions、Best to set a deadline

that's all。

each other、let's do our best! !!


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