This is convenient! Summary of types of small amount stamps Some stamps can be bought at convenience stores


You can buy stamps at convenience stores these days.。Insanely convenient。

The other day、A postcard of 52 yen came out、I tried to use it with an additional stamp。

As of January 27, 2021、Postcards can be shipped for 63 yen。
Therefore、There is a shortage of 11 yen, so you need a stamp for 11 yen.。

There are 7 types of stamps for 100 yen or less!


There are 7 types of stamps under 100 yen。

・ 100 yen

・ 50 yen、20 yen、10 yen

・ 5 yen、2 yen、1 yen

Honesty、I didn't think there were 7 types。

With this combination、Can handle any amount。

For example、87円追加が必要となれば

50 yen → 1 sheet
20 yen → 1 sheet
10 yen → 1 sheet
5 yen → 1 sheet
2 yen → 1 sheet

And so on。

this time、I'm short of 11 yen、

10 yen → 1 sheet
1 yen → 1 sheet

Must be purchased。

You can buy stamps at convenience stores

There was a concept that stamps were bought at the post office。

Time goes by、It is said that stamps are currently sold at convenience stores as well.。

It seems that some stores do not sell it.、You should be careful。




When using old postcards、You can use it by buying and pasting additional stamps。

I should buy stamps at the post office、I'm sure there are people who can't go shopping when the post office is open.。

Such a person、Why don't you buy stamps at convenience stores?。

It seems that some stores do not sell the required types of stamps.、I think there is a high probability that stamps of 63 yen for postcards and 84 yen for normal envelopes will be sold.。

Recently, email and LINE are in full swing.。

That's when、Why don't you write a postcard or a letter?

I hope it helps everyone! !!



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